How to find the best IPL machine: 2018 Buying Guide

Looking for the best IPL machineEveryone wants salon-style hair removal products. At home hair removal and hair removal products have changed over the years. What hasn’t changed is the desire to get rid of unwanted, sightly hair.

IPL hair removal systems are painless, give you salon results quickly and are very effective at getting rid of these pesky hairs.

What is IPL?

IPL hair removal is a technique that uses a device that emits an intense pulsating light to remove hair. It is virtually painless and very easy to use. It is similar to laser removal however, it is much more precise and long lasting.

What is the difference between IPL and Laser hair removal?

Laser treatments to remove skin use only one wavelength of light that targets unwanted hair, while IPL uses multiple wavelengths which is much more effective at pinpointing unwanted hair and removing it quickly.

What to look for in an IPL Hair Removal System

Now salon style hair removal can be easy and cost effective right in your home without paying a salon to do it for you. A good IPL system will remove hair with ease, not be hard on the pocket book and give you the desire results you are looking for. When looking for a device for your home be sure to look for:


A good IPL home hair removal system will be an FDA approved device. Also make sure that you read the safety guidelines for this device. As with any product your safety is so important.


IPL hair removal systems will have control settings for low, high, and power off modes. A good system will have multiple settings such as high, medium and low.


In order to be a good IPL system it has to be convenient and easy to use. This means it shouldn’t be too bulky and can be used in your own home with ease.

IPL systems should be versatile and be able to be used on legs, facial hair and other areas of unwanted body hair. It should be able to reach these areas with ease and comfort.

Spot Size
Spot size refers to the surface area that the laser beam falls onto on the body allowing a spot of light to be visible.Typically this is measured in millimetres and is called a spot size.The IPL spot size is usually much larger than a typical laser system which allows it to cover more surface area and remove hair more quickly and cost effectively. When looking to buy an IPL a good laser spot size is typically 5mm. However, spot size can vary.

LED Display
Some will have LED screens that will tell you what settings you are on an how many pulses you have left. A IPL device with a display screen is very helpful and highly recommended.

Replacement Parts
Some IPL devices will have replacement parts or replacement cartridges. If they don’t extra parts that is great. However, some do need them, in order for it to be a good IPL the replacement parts should be in a good price range and have a good lasting time. If you are replacing parts frequently than it probably isn’t a good product.

IPL Product Reviews

Keep in mind that IPL devices are meant for long lasting hair removal. In order for it to be a good consumer product it has to do its job effectively. These products below come with great consumer reports and reviews.

Remington IPL 6500 iLight Pro Hair Removal Device

Remington IPL6500 iLight ProThis device from Remington is clinically proven to remove hair on your face and body. It comes with a special attachment for facial hair to help remove more delicate hairs.

The Remington IPL 6500 allows you to have salon-style, professional results quickly while being cost effective. It has a an infinity bulb, so no replacement cartridges are needed and it is corded so that you do not have to recharge it.

This device works best on darker hair types. Blonde, red and gray hairs typically don’t work as well with this product. Overall this product has shown great, lasting results after just three treatments.


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Philips Lumea Prestige SC2006/11 IPL Hair Removal System

Philips SC2006 Lumea Precision PlusThis IPL hair removal system from Philips is almost identical to the Lumea Prestige SC2007. One of the major difference between the two devices is that the SC2006 has only 140,000 flashes while the SC2007 has 250,000. This makes the SC2007 a more cost savvy way to go, since the life of this IPL system is much longer than the life of the SC2007.

Other than that, both systems are practically identical in spot size, shape, settings and are both cordless. The results are both the same as well. So, when choosing between the Philips SC2007 or the SC2006, you are really choosing between the longevity of either product.


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Philips Lumea Prestige SC2007/00 IPL Hair Removal System

Philips Lumea Prestige SC2007_00 IPL Hair Removal SystemThe Philips Lumea Prestige SC2007 is ana amazing hair removal system that significantly removes 75% of unwanted hair in, as little as, 8 weeks. It works wonders on body and facial hair.

There is a specialized attachment to remove more delicate facial hair. The spot size on this device is 4 Cm which will remove a larger area of hair faster than just a regular laser treatment device. It also has 5 adjustable light settings to allow you to control the area you are removing hair from with ease.

This safe device from Philips is also equipped with a UV filter to protect your skin from damage. There are no replacement parts needed. Just charge it up and go. You will start seeing results in no time!


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