Silk n Glide reviews: Spotlight on the Express

Silk‘n Glide Express 300000Getting rid of unwanted hair has been something many women have fought over for years, while using expensive salon treatments, itchy creams and shavers that leave razor burn. Now there is a better answer that is painless and fast. The Silk’n Glide Express IPL device that gets rid of unwanted hair with pulsating light.

Pros: The Silk‘n Glide gets rid of unwanted hair without harming your skin or causing pain. It uses intense pulsating light to get rid of the hair at the root permanently. It can be used in the convenience of your home and is clinically proven to work.

Cons: This product has no refill cartridges, after 300,000 pulses it will no longer work. The plus side is that this is a long lifetime for an IPL device. Also, another con is that this product may not work well on fair hair coloring such as blond or red.

Summary: This IPL home device system gives you permanent salon-style hair removal fast, without pain and efficiently by emitted a laser pulsating light. The Silk’n Glide gives you great results after 3 to 4 treatments.



Product Review – Silk’N Glide Express

silkn-glide-xpress-300-000Designed to give you immediate results the Silk’n Glide has many wonderful features that will help you remove unwanted hair permanently. It differs from laser hair removal in that it uses pulsating light and also uses more wavelengths than a laser does.

Typically a laser only uses one wavelength. IPL hair removal devices give you more area coverage for a smoother and quicker result because they use more than wavelength.

Adjustable Speed
The Silk’n Glide comes with two adjustable speeds to allow to manage your hair removal efficiently and accurately. It can have a speed of 1 pulse every second or switched it to 1 pulse every 2 seconds.

Spot Size
Spot size refers to the surface area of skin coverage at one time. The Silk’n Glide has a 3 cm spot size. This allows you to cover a good amount of surface area each pulse as you remove hair.

Refill Cartridges
This product does not need new expensive cartridges periodically. It has a lifetime of 300,000 pulses. Since this is effective at getting ridding of 92% of unwanted hair permanently, 300,000 pulses should be more than sufficient to do the job.

This IPL hair removal system is made to fit in the palm of your hand and can be used with ease on any area of your body including your face. It even gets to those hard to reach areas. It’s quite portable so that you can use it in any room of your home or even while on vacation.

The Silk’n Glide Express 300,000 pulses is clinically prove to reduce hair growth. It also has been FDA approved for safety. It is virtually painless and will not harm your skin.
However be sure to read all instructions and safety warnings before use.




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